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is the world’s most vertically integrated body armour manufacturer; from yarn to weaving of ballistic Fabric to finished products. Our product range includes Bullet Resistant Jackets, Bullet resistant Vests, Hard Armour Panels, Bullet Resistant Helmets, Bomb Suppression Blankets, Tactical & Combat Gear and De-Mining Protection Gear.

一号电竞网Being an international supplier, we have a proven track record of supplying premium quality and high performance ballistic products to countries in the EU, Africa, Middle East and Americas.

一号电竞网We are a high quality specialised manufacturer of armoured vehicles made of composites panels that are much lighter and stronger than steel. These vehicles are your best bet against ambush attacks and active shooter scenarios providing multi-threat capabilities.

We manufacture premium quality body armour that includes a large range of ballistic helmets, panels, bullet, stab and spike resistant vests. These vests are well-suited for military personnel, law enforcement officials, federal agencies and civilians. These products can provide protection against multiple types of ammunition such as handguns, rifles and even automatic guns.

From Yarn to Finished Products, The World’s Most Vertically Integrated Company

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